Company Profile

Bharat Herbs & Oils is a leading manufacturer of essential and carrier oils, offering a diverse range of pure and premium-quality products, including Essential oils, Carrier oils, CO2 oils, Saw Palmetto oil and more. Our state-of-the-art production facilities, extensive research and development capabilities, and skilled workforce enable us to provide exceptional contract manufacturing and custom packaging services to our valued clients.

Our contract manufacturing services are designed to assist entrepreneurs in establishing their own brand and quickly gaining customer loyalty with our superior quality products. We believe in putting the customer first, and therefore, we create products based on their specific requirements, while providing them with complete control over pricing and marketing.

At our manufacturing facilities, we have a strict quality control process in place to ensure that the quality of our products is never compromised. Our experienced quality experts oversee every step of the process, from herb extraction to oil packaging, and are well-versed in ISO and GMP standards, ensuring that we meet all necessary requirements. This allows our customers to rest easy and focus on other aspects of their business, knowing that we produce top-quality products that accurately represent their brand identity.

Through our contract manufacturing services, we offer our clients the opportunity to achieve a unique and prominent position in the market, while retaining control over their products and steadily increasing their profit margins.

Packaging The Way You Like :At Bharatherbsandoils, we provide custom packaging solutions for essential and carrier oils to meet our clients' unique preferences. We offer a variety of packaging options, such as glass bottles and HDPE drums, to suit their specific needs. We only use the finest materials for our packaging to ensure that our products are flawlessly packaged, with no signs of wear and tear.

In summary, Bharatherbsandoils is a one-stop-shop for all essential oil contract manufacturing and custom packaging needs. With our extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and exceptional infrastructure, we are fully equipped to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Our Strength :
  • Wide Product Range
  • 10 Years’ Experience
  • Free Product Sample
  • High Quality and Competitive Price
  • Prompt Inquiry Response
  • OEM / ODM Service
  • Faster Delivery
  • Fully Automatic Plant For
  • Essential Oil Bottle Filling